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Case  I  Vartti.fi
Client  I  Sanoma News

One of Finland's most popular local news portals. We have had a vital role in the development of the site. Our tasks have included logo design, concept creation, consulting, web and user interface design and web development.


Case  I  Metrolive.fi
Client  I  Sanoma News

Weekend and freetime portal with content spanning from restaurants and music events to fashion and culture. The site has been built on our easy to use content management system and allows new content to be created by both journalists and users.


Case  I  Ipanapa.fi
Client  I  EMI Music Finland

Ipanapa Records publishes quality music for children and their parents. The site is likewise a combination of fun and games for the younger users and a place of information on music education for the parents. Sing along with the artists or play a game at ipanapa.fi.


Case  I  Agents website
Client  I  EMI Music Finland

The Agents website was created to support the new album featuring the returning all time favorite singer, Topi Sorsakoski. The site features a complete discography with playable music clips, a merchadise store and a separate Agents radio for the user's pleasure.

Agents.fi »


Case  I  Irinansivut.com
Client  I  Emi Music Finland

Web site re-design and Myspace profile.

www.irinansivut.com »
www.myspace.com/irinansivut »

Krem TrekkerCase  I  Krem Trekker Diaries
Client  I  Melog

Interacive Web 2.0 adventure which lets its Chinese readers affect the story by voting.

www.kremtrekker.com »
www.ktrekker.cn »

Watch Krem Trekker teaser »

Siemens - Mobile businessCase  I  Mobile Business
Client  I  Siemens

Web site for Siemens "Make your business mobile" campaing. Unfortunately the site was taken off-line but you can see some screenshots by clicking below.

Siemens screenshots »

Krem TrekkerCase  I  Secco's identity
Client  I  Secco

The identity project included logo-design, business cards, a web site, a brochure and guidelines for using the elements in the actual shops.

Case  I  Neljä ruusua website
Client  I  Emi Music Finland

www.neljaruusua.com »

Case  I  Ile Kallio website
Client  I  Emi Music Finland

www.ilekallio.com »

Case  I  Ruoska band web site
Client  I  Emi Music Finland

www.ruoska.com »

Case  I  Matrix MBA
Client  I  Transatlanta

The first Finnish virtual MBA program. Design of the website and book series.

Case  I  Mahdollisuuksien aika book
Client  I  Transatlanta


Case  I  HUR Labs web site
Client  I  HUR Labs

www.hurlabs.fi »


Music & Sound

Case  I  Muuttolento
Client  I  Jukka Eggert (ohj.)

Listen to the main theme »
Listen to the ending theme »

Sound design and music composition for a documentary film on avian influenza. Aired on YLE in August 2006.

Case  I  Krem Trekker video
Client  I  Melog

Listen to the music »

Music composition for a promotional video for the Krem Trekker Diaries.

Case  I  2005 Ilotulitus commercial
Client  I  Nelonen

Listen to the clip »

Music for the Nelonen Ilotulitus 2005 competition's tv-commercial. "Ja se Oolannin sota oli kauhia..."

Case  I  Nelonen Christmas
Client  I  Nelonen

Listen to the Christmas clip »
Listen to the background theme »

Music for Nelonen's christmas and new year's commercials. One theme used for channel background theme during the following year.

Case  I  Playerone commercial
Client  I  Playerone

Music and sound efx for Playerone tv-commercial.

Case  I  Web site sound effects
Client  I  Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda

www.legenda.tv »


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